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Invested: December 2012 
Exit: December 2017

Global leader in fish processing

Optimar was a successful investment, and illustrates how partnerships between founders and professional owners create great value. Together we created a globally leading technology business in the fishing and aquaculture industry, and our investors made a return of five times the original investment, net after costs and profit sharing.

Focused growth

Optimar came to Credo for help with growth in new customer industries. The founders' starting point was that "We have done everything we can within the fishing industry, and the next opportunities for our machinery will be in new markets such as poultry, bakery or frozen vegetables". Together we developed a much more focused growth plan, which became the foundation for the company's success:

  1. Focus on the fishing and aquaculture industry, and go deep in this industry rather than broaden to other sectors:

    • The company expanded from two to six locations through acquisitions and organic development

    • Optimar re-entered aquaculture

    • Product development was accelerated and created new business areas, for example within sea lice treatment

  2. Use the scalability in the business model

    • Optimar acquired two companies and merged into one strong unit, combining Optimar's engineering capacity and distribution power with the innovative power in the two smaller companies. This made it possible to develop new products from idea to full scale production in just a few months.

  3. Build an organization for the future

    • A new CEO and strengthened project management released substantial resources for growth and innovation

During Credo's ownership, sales increased from NOK 240 million to NOK 1.1 billion.


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