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Meet the team: Celina Taule

We continue our series 'Meet the Team,' and we are pleased to introduce Celina Taule, Senior Associate here at Credo Partners. Celina Taule navigates the portfolio with finesse and engagement, driving each company towards success with her strategic knowledge and hands-on involvement. In this Q&A, she shares some thoughts about her journey from a fast-paced work environment in investment banking to Credo Partners.

What led you to join Credo Partners and what do you find most fulfilling about your role there?

I found Credo to be the perfect fit for me due to its focus on driving value through actively partnering with portfolio companies. Being able to witness firsthand the impact of our work on these companies is incredibly rewarding and motivating. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, which keeps me engaged and energized.

Could you elaborate on your approach to working with portfolio companies and the significance of your role in maximizing value for stakeholders?

Absolutely. At Credo, we take a hands-on partnership approach. I'm not just a board member; I'm deeply involved with the management of our portfolio companies on a daily basis. Whether it's assisting them through short-term challenges or strategizing for long-term growth, my aim is to unlock the potential within each company, maximizing shareholder value and fostering sustainable growth. In the small to mid-cap market, every decision carries immense weight. Our goal at Credo is to empower companies to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, and that's a mission I'm truly passionate about.

Would you say that you’re a specialist or generalist?

Through working with Q-Light and Mill I have, naturally, had quite a significant exposure to consumer electronics since my beginning at Credo, but I am a generalist, really  – which is often the case for someone in my role. I like working on a lot of different things, getting to know different markets and segments.In addition to Q-Light and Mill, I work on new investment opportunities - from concrete processes that come across our desks to proactively trying to find attractive market pockets and build leading positions in new segments from scratch. I thrive on constantly learning new things and enjoy working at a company like Credo where we are encouraged to be creative and pitch new ideas - no matter our job title or seniority. 

How do you differentiate your involvement with various portfolio companies, such as Q Light and Mill, and what unique challenges or opportunities do they present?

Each company within our portfolio offers its own set of challenges and opportunities. For instance, with Mill, a company we've been working with since 2019, they have built a robust and efficient setup, allowing me to focus on overarching strategic initiatives and long-term value creation. On the other hand, with Q Light, a newer addition to our portfolio, I'm more deeply involved in day-to-day operations, tackling nitty-gritty details. It's fascinating to see how our approach at Credo can add value to companies in different ways.

How is a typical day, if there is one?

There is no typical day at Credo. And that’s the cool part.

What gives you energy outside of work?

Well, the worst possible thing for me to do is nothing - I constantly need to have a new project ongoing. Right now, a goal of mine is to get back to dancing. I used to be a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, but I got injured, and that’s when I went to business school. I danced – literally – all the way through my studies, and now I really want to get back to it on a more casual basis. 

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals looking to pursue a career in private equity?

You have nothing to lose. I found private equity to be quite intimidating when I first considered it, because the expectations are really high in terms of value creation and return on investment. And I think a lot of people feel that way, especially young professionals. But don’t be afraid to ask around to get an answer to your concerns. Reach out to someone you know in the industry, or ask for a coffee chat with the firm you are considering, hear it from them. How do they work and what would they expect from you? What should you expect from yourself? Give it a try, you’ll probably regret it if you didn’t.

Lastly, could you share three emojis that best represent your personality?

💃 ⛷️ 🐶

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