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Meet the team: Pål Brynsrud

As part of our ongoing Q&A segment putting the spotlight on the diverse and talented people at Credo Partners, we recently sat down with Partner Pål Brynsrud. 

In our conversation, Pål talks about not only his professional day-to-day but also his personal passions and the importance of diversity, challenge, and growth in shaping a fulfilling life.

Can you briefly explain your role at Credo and your journey here? 

I'm a partner and the chair of the company, co-founding Credo in its current form back in 2011. But my journey began in Bergen as an economist, followed by a stint at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. I then completed an MBA at INSEAD in France, before joining McKinsey, staying there for 12 years. These global experiences finally led me to Credo, transitioning the company from an advi

sory to an investment-focused firm.

What drives you in your work?

I think the real fun comes from seeing companies and people grow. Early on, we chose to focus on companies seeking not just investment but also hands-on coaching, which means we bring more than just capital.

Could you detail the areas you specialize in within Credo?

My role spans various industries, from indoor climate and lighting to fish processing technology. I also engage in non-profit educational movements, emphasizing growth in multiple dimensions.

So, what does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical day, to be honest. But the variety is what keeps it exciting. A non-typical day is probably one where I bring all my focus to a single task, but I thrive on the diversity of my work.

Beyond seeing companies grow, what motivates you?

I cannot emphasize enough the joy of seeing companies grow and develop! That said, I'm also driven by the process of making deals, not for the sake of the deal itself but for the proof of good work and building trust, which culminates in successful partnerships.

Where could we find you when you're not at work?

Traveling is a big passion of mine. I've been to 120 countries and am planning to explore even more – in Central Asia, for example. Travel offers learning, excitement, and a wealth of experiences.

You must have had some pretty wild experiences then.

People are often surprised when I tell them I took part in a 1-million people march against Hugo Chavez in Caracas. Or that I was one of just three spectators at a mass dance at Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang where 25,000 dancers participated. 

How do you challenge yourself outside of work?

That would be through sports. Particularly skiing, kayaking, and mountaineering, keep me challenged. I seek activities that offer excitement and a connection with nature. I much prefer those over routine workouts.

What is it about mountaineering that captivates you?

It's about the journey rather than the destination itself. Whether it is climbing or walking, the preparation, and the experience itself offer a profound sense of achievement and reflection.

Finally, what three emojis best describe you?


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