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Netting new opportunities: New one-stop shop for the seafood industry

In a move set to redefine seafood processing, Marel, the global leader in food processing solutions, and MMC First Process, a pioneer in fish handling and processing technology, have joined in a strategic partnership. 

The strategic partnership heralds the creation of a comprehensive one-stop shop for the seafood processing industry aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and elevating the overall consumer experience. Credo Partners has held a majority stake in MMC First Process since 2019.

Seamless integration for the seafood sector 

The synergy between Marel and MMC First Process is poised to transform the seafood processing landscape. By combining their complementary strengths, this partnership effectively addresses the entire value chain.

Offering an all-encompassing solution, it promises unmatched convenience and efficiency for customers. This innovative approach simplifies procurement and operational processes, setting a new standard in delivering quality and sustainability.

Full transformation from catch to consumer 

This strategic collaboration is reshaping the consumer experience with seafood. The integrated offerings ensure transparency, sustainability, and trust, guaranteeing that seafood processed through this partnership meets the highest standards of quality and environmental care.

With a shared commitment to innovation, the partnership between Marel and MMC First Process integrates advanced processing equipment with robust software solutions. This holistic approach is designed to improve productivity, reduce environmental impact, and support sustainable practices across the industry.

Pål Brynsrud expresses his excitement on these news:

“​​A big thank you to our team and the management team at Marel for making this happen! And most importantly we can, hopefully, in the not-so-distant future see the tangible benefits in the form of better solutions for the customers.”

About Marel:

Marel is a global leader in transforming the way food is processed. With over 40 years of experience, the company provides solutions, services, and software to the poultry, meat, fish, pet food, aqua feed, and plant-based protein processing industries. Sustainability is at the core of Marel's business, driving groundbreaking solutions that reduce waste, improve yields, and create economic value.

About MMC First Process:

MMC First Process is actively transforming the seafood industry by offering complete and sustainable system solutions for the handling, processing, and cooling of fish to the seafood industry worldwide. 

MMC First Process is the market leader in providing systems for live fish handling. With a focus on improving fish welfare and product quality, MMC First Process enables customers to produce a higher quality product and create real and measurable values. 

Peter Leon Fauske, the CEO of MMC First Process, and Diego Lages, Director of Sales & Marketing at Marel Fish, sealing the partnership.

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