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Scaling Up Businesses


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Scaling up mid-sized companies


Why Credo?

We partner with investors and entrepreneurs to transform mid-sized companies into scalable and sustainable business systems. The skill set required to build a company from 0 to 50 people is very different from those needed to scale it up from 50 to 500 people, and it is in this second phase we create extraordinary value.

Small and medium sized businesses represent more than half of economic value creation in our region. The performance of these businesses impacts jobs, wealth and global sustainability challenges. Boosting performance and positive impact of these companies is a distinct competence, and Credo's higher calling.


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Case story: Geia Food

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We add scalability to the magic recipe that made the company great in the first place


Investment Philosophy

Scaling up businesses

Credo's investment philosophy remains steadfast: We partner with investors and founders to transform mid-sized companies into scalable and sustainable business systems. The core of what we do is captured in our tagline scaling up businesses. This investment focus is distinct in terms of business maturity and partnership model, as well as the potential for high value creation.

Situation specialist

We look for the right situation in any industry:

  • Distinct market positions in attractive segments

  • Ambitious owners seeking a partner to further develop the business

  • A clear path to creating scalable and sustainable growth

  • Transaction values between 100 and 500 MNOK

Our favorite industries are aquaculture, consumer goods, business services, IT services and welfare.

Established methodology

Our basic approach is the same across industries and across financial and non-financial goals. Together with our partners, we set high ambitions that force our businesses out of the small-cap zone. Then we build the foundation for scale and impact: (i) a focused strategy, (ii) a scalable business model, (iii) an organization for tomorrow and (iv) effective governance.

Culture and continuity through founder partnerships

Credo invests alongside highly motivated entrepreneurs, family owners and management. We encourage our partners to remain large co-owners, even majority-owners, to ensure continuity of the magic recipe that made the company great in the first place. Our model is based on long term and close cooperation between management, board and owners to ensure continuity and commitment through the transformation phase.

Investor network

Credo has an established network of investors. We invest together with individuals and institutional investors who have built successful businesses themselves, and who have a genuine interest in value creation in mid-sized companies. Each investment is carried out through a single purpose vehicle, ensuring 100% commitment to each individual investment.


Meet our Team

Credo is a diverse group of people, with a shared purpose: to help successful entrepreneurs grow into scalable and sustainable business systems. It takes many years of practice as a team to excel at this task, and our values, our investment strategy and our modus operandi are all tailored to this end. We apply decades of experience from industry, consulting and investing to transform and boost performance of our companies.




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