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Sustainable Equity

Sustainability is an integral part of Credo´s value creation

We believe profitable growth plays a key role in creating a sustainable future, and that sustainable business models build more financial value. We also believe that our biggest impact on sustainability will be through positive change in each of our portfolio companies, rather than by just allocating capital to already sustainable businesses.


We look for owners and management for whom it is second nature to treat employees well and govern their business in a compliant and transparent way, and who share an honest commitment to improving their climate footprint. Our partnership model is an extraordinary opportunity to help these companies become more sustainable, and hence more successful, throughout our ownership period.

Our sharpened Sustainability Strategy 


  • Positive change in every company

  • Limited number of goals

  • Invest in sustainability with a long-term perspective, and drive returns through better market positions, lower risks or lower costs

  • Decent governance and social issues (SDG 5, 8& 16), as fundamental enablers for healthy growth

  • Focused game plans on climate action (SDG 12 & 13)

Key figures


Read more about how we are taking sustainable action in our Portfolio Report

Credo on sustainability

Our managing partner sits down with Sparebank 1 SR Bank and talks about what sustainable equity means to us, and how can we make a difference through our portfolio.

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