Sustainable Equity


Our philosophy

Sustainability is an integral part of Credo's investment philosophy. We truly believe that sustainable business models with positive contributions to society will build more financial value. And we believe Credo will have the biggest impact by focusing on positive change in our companies, rather than just allocating capital to already perfectly sustainable businesses. We look for company owners and management with an honest commitment to prioritize climate change, to treat employees well and to govern in a compliant and transparent way.

Our beliefs

Across our portfolio, we believe that:

  • Profitable and growing companies play a key role in creating a sustainable future

  • We can create competitiveness and financial value by better use of resources: Energy, raw material and people

  • Credo has extraordinary influence through our partnership model

  • Focusing on a limited number of specific sustainability goals in each portfolio company will have the biggest impact on the overall sustainability agenda

Our strategy

  • Create tangible, significant, positive change in every company

  • Focus on select few goals with substantial impact potential

  • Leverage positive impact to drive financial returns  

  • 4 Prioritized sustainable development goals (SDGs) 

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Credo on sustainability

Our managing partner sits down with Sparebank 1 SR Bank and talks about what sustainable equity means to us, and how can we make a difference through our portfolio.