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Globus Wine

Invested: November 2016

Exit: June 2022

Credo invested in Globus Wine in November 2016. Our mission was to transform and develop a wine-filling business into a professional FMCG company and the leading wine category partner for the Danish retail market. 

Our key levers of change were:

  • Establish a clear strategic focus: (i) Establish a leading market position on wholly-owned wine brands supplied to the Danish retail market, (ii) Increase the value-add of the bulk-wine business model by adding select capabilities across different parts of the value chain

  • Increase scalability of the business model: (i) Consolidate existing facilities into one new state-of-the-art facility (purpose-built for Globus Wine) including investments in new production lines and warehouse facility, (ii) Customer portfolio review to shift production towards high-contribution volumes, (iii) scalable brand concepts with high potential also outside Denmark

  • Organize for the future: (i) Build new management team, with market-leading FMCG capabilities, (ii) facilitate generational change to reduce founder dependency, and (iii) embed ESG responsibilities across all layers of the organization with a view to lead change in the Danish wine category going forward

The transformation created and shaped the must-have company to enter the Danish wine market. Globus Wine has the largest and most cost efficient filling operations in the Nordics and is the “wine category captain” in Danish retail, growing market share on own brands from 2% in 2016 to 22% in 2022 – with by far the highest market volume share in the grocery channel. In June 2022, Globus Wine was acquired by Anora. With the acquisition, Anora covered its only white spot in the Nordics and now hold #1 or #2 positions on both wine and spirits across Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark

Financial highlights 2016-2022


Group revenue increase


Group EBITDA increase

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