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Meet the team: Jun Tai-Anisdahl

A Fusion of Finance and Strategy at Credo Partners

In this Q&A, we introduce Jun Tai-Anisdahl, an investment manager at Credo Partners. Jun's journey is characterized by a blend of curiosity, strategic insight, and a passion for value creation. His role at Credo Partners centers around the convergence of finance and strategy, aiding portfolio firms in shaping and executing on key strategic initiatives.

Can you introduce yourself and shed light on your role at Credo Partners?

Certainly! I'm Jun, an investment manager at Credo Partners. My role revolves around driving the investment case and identifying new opportunities. Essentially, I act as the glue between investors, management, and the board, navigating various tasks from M&A to ensuring smooth administrative processes.

What sparked your interest in economics and eventually led you to Credo Partners?

It all started with a good economics teacher in high school. When I was younger I thought I was going to be an engineer or mathematician, but I had to take a sixth subject for my International Baccalaureate degree, and by a stroke of luck it ended with economics. The ideas of the symbiosis between markets and the state, and how it shapes value creation and the fate of nations captured my interests. Having frequently visited my parent’s childhood homes and relatives in China, and seeing the contrast with Norway, the question of why such large gaps in welfare could exist struck a chord.

This curiosity ultimately steered me towards private equity, particularly in the realm of small and medium-sized enterprises. It's a market that is underserved, and there's a forceful position you can take if you work in the active owner space, creating firms and situations for high growth and margin expansion that would have not existed otherwise.

Could you elaborate on your role as an investment manager?

As an investment manager, I'm tasked with a multifaceted role. My days are filled with monitoring markets, initiating key projects, following up on performance, and managing strategy and M&A projects across diverse industries like healthtech, fish handling, and IT consultancy. Additionally, I dedicate a significant portion of my time to scanning for new investments and collaborating with the Credo team to find attractive deals and good mutual solutions with the sellers.

What aspect of working at Credo Partners do you find most rewarding?

The unmatched opportunities for learning and growth at Credo truly excite me. Every day presents a new challenge, allowing me to delve into various industries and businesses while honing my expertise in investment, strategy, and leadership. Beyond mastering the basics, it's crucial to identify what personally interests and motivates you, and then leverage that to drive real value and transformation.

How do you envision leveraging your skills and expertise for the future at Credo Partners?

My vision for the future is clear: to leverage my blend of skills and expertise to create lasting value for both investors and society at large. At Credo Partners, I aim to continue driving impactful investments and fostering growth in diverse industries, ultimately making a meaningful difference in the world of finance.


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