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How to untangle the SFDR requirements in partnership with Permian

2023 is the year SFDR is expected to become mandatory in Norway. Gudmund Killi, our Managing Partner explains how we prepared for the new requirements long before due - and why.

Our investment philosophy is to partner with investors and founders to transform mid-sized companies into scalable and sustainable business systems.

- Sustainability is an integral part of Credo's investment philosophy. We truly believe that sustainable business models with positive contributions to society will build more financial value, says Gudmund Killi.

Killi believes that Credo will have the biggest impact by focusing on positive change in our companies, rather than just allocating capital to already perfectly sustainable businesses. To meet the demands of investors and employees, Credo has, with support from Permian, implemented the SFDR long before due, expected in 2023.

Meeting the expectations from investors and employees

- Anyone who has started to dive into the details knows it isn’t as simple as who, what, when and where. Understanding and untangling the requirements for SFDR requires external help from specialists over time. Permian has been an important partner for us in this process, says our Managing Partner.

Permian is a leading Nordic fund administrator with offices located in Oslo and Stockholm. The group has close to 70 employees and has experienced a strong growth in recent years. Permian delivers a full set of business support services including accounting, fund administration, depositary services, risk and compliance and sustainability services.

- We would not be able to meet the new demands at this point in time, if not for the support from Permian. And more importantly, we would struggle to meet the expectations from our investors and employees, says Killi.

Legislation under constant development

Permian has assisted clients in Norway and Sweden with developing relevant disclosures in line with the regulation. According to Rita Granlund, Head of Sustainability in Permian, the legislation is not easily accessible as the area is under constant development.

- However, in order to make your business attractive, you have to make it easier for investors and employees to understand your sustainability investment strategy. Meeting the demands of SFDR is an important step towards this, says Rita Granlund.

Granlund says that there is a high demand for sustainability services within the Nordic fund market.

- Working on sustainability matters is not a side chapter but has to be an integral part of how your business operates. We are grateful for the professional advice from Permian, says Killi.

Learn more

Click here to read Credo Partner’s statement in accordance with the EU Disclosure Regulation regarding sustainability-related disclosures in the financial sector (the “SFDR”). Click here to read Permian’s sustainability letter #3 and more about the new demands.

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