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Celebrating Milestones: Christiane Carling and Mathias Wille’s Promotions at Credo Partners

We're thrilled to share exciting news from our always growing team. Christiane Carling is moving into the role as Investment Manager and Mathias Wille to Director. Both have played integral roles in the success of Credo, and we're excited to see what the future holds.  

Christiane Carling, Investment Manager

Formerly with Pareto Alternative Investments, Christiane has a rich background in bond financing for commercial property and infrastructure. Her expertise has already begun shaping the development of our portfolio companies, Koble and Tellus, and we anticipate continued success under her leadership.

Mathias Wille, Director

Having previously served as an equity research analyst at Norges Bank Investment Management and Credit Suisse, Mathias brings invaluable experience in consumer and industrial companies. His contributions are pivotal in several of our buy-and-build programs, and we look forward to his continued impact in his new role as Director.

Talented people is an essential part of Credo

The team behind Credo has shown positive development and proven the ability to accelerate both personal and professional growth through challenging situations.

It is inspiring to see the team in action, and I take a lot of pride that so many talented people are joining Credo and are able to learn and grow within the organization.” says Gudmund Killi, managing partner. 

We are confident that both Christiane and Mathias will continue to excel in their new roles, bringing fresh perspectives and driving innovation within Credo Partners. 

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