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Our annual Investor Day

Credo´s Investor Day took place at Hotel Continental this week, welcoming participants including investors, management, representatives from our portfolio companies, partners, and our team.

The day was characterized by enlightening presentations from various perspectives. Our team shared an update on our portfolio's performance, and Søren, our Operating Partner, presented a case study featuring our newest portfolio company- the Danish electrical constellation Konstel.

We also hosted a Q&A panel discussion all about how to scale up companies, represented by the CEOs of MOVA and Evidi, along with valuable insight from partner organizations. Bain & Company gave us a lowdown of the market outlook in Nordic small-cap buy-outs, and Belief wrapped it up with the results of this year's sustainability efforts across the portfolio.

We would like to thank everyone who attended for their presence and contributions to a very insightful and pleasant day.

Operating Partner, Søren Laursen, presented us with a real-life case study; Koble.

See you all next year!


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